StV Doktoratsstudien

Um den Studierenden der Doktoratsstudien und PhD-Programme Informationen sowie Unterstützung anbieten zu können, wurde kürzlich unsere Studierendenvertretung gegründet.
Unsere wichtigsten Ziele sind die Verbesserung der Studienprogramme innerhalb der Studienkommission und die Optimierung von Lehrveranstaltungen der unterschiedlichen Studienprogramme in den Curriculakommitteen.
Wir sehen uns als eine Verbindung zwischen Studierenden und dem Lehrkörper und laden euch deshalb ein, mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen, falls ihr Fragen oder Vorschläge habt.

In diesem Sinne wünschen wir euch eine schöne Zeit an der Medizinischen Universität Graz und viel Erfolg mit eurer Arbeit.
Eure Studienvertretung für Doktoratsstudien
Our student support group was formed very recently to provide information and to support all students of the doctoral studies and PhD programs.
Our main goals are to ameliorate the programs in general within the study commission and to optimize the courses of the different programs within the curricula committees.
We also see ourselves as a link between the students and the faculty and therefore invite you to contact us, if you have any queries or suggestions!

With this in mind we wish you a great time at the Medical University of Graz and much success with your work!
Yours, Doctoral Studies Student Representatives (StV)



The next "Stammtisch" will be on Thursday, 20th April from 7 pm onwards in the Propeller ( The Stammtisch or regular's table is an opportunity for a face to face chat, to exchange ideas, discuss problems or simply get together with other students. Please let us know if you can join!

If you are interested to work with us in our student support group, please contact us!


Please participate in our survey and take the chance to give us your feedback!
This survey is anonymous and intended to get first hand feedback from doctoral candidates of the Medical University of Graz so that we can improve the PhD/doctoral study!

Our PEER-MENTORING Programme has started!
Please write us an email ( if you want to be a mentor or if you need a mentor.
Mentors should be experienced PhD/Dr.sci. med. students (at least in the 4th Semester). How often you will meet your mentee is up to you. For your effort the mentors will receive a certificate.

Ida Aringer
Daniela Klobassa
1. stv. Vorsitzende
Martin Gaksch
2. stv. Vorsitzender


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